Global warming rising is the main culprit of climate change due to human activities. Our job is to offer tailor-made technological solutions that decrease the charge of materials and polluting gasses suspended in the air, and this way reduce global warming and improve the quality of air.

Our mechanical device unloads, with high efficiency, gasses and materials that affect or pollute a certain volume of air, released by fixed, mobile or stationary sources.

The polluting material is kept by a fully-organic Basic Programmed Substance (SPB in Spanish) located inside a storage tank.

Efficiency parameters (%)

  • Particulate matter (PM10) 75 – 84
  • Particulate matter (PM2.5) 81 – 84
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) 85 – 89
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2) 87 – 96
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 81 – 96
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 85 – 89

LAMEp is a patented industrial process that allows the transformation of 100% of the gasses and materials captured by the FIVA system into industrial raw material applicable to eco-sustainable processes, creating a complete environmental circle: capture, transform and re-use.

Direct air capture (DAC) involves extracting CO2 and CO2-eq and polluting materials directly from air and then disposing of them or using them. If every city needs a water treatment plant, it is essential as well to treat air in order to live in harmony with the environment and reduce the negative impacts we are generating to the planet.