What does ecolair do?

We develop technology focused on allowing our clients to have a complete environmental circle, achieving Carbon Neutrality and optimal Carbon Negative conditions.

how were we born?

Thanks to the idea of a young girl, the support of her father, and a science project that propelled her desire to transform polluted air with technology.

Where do we develop our technology?

Our technology is 100% developed in Colombia, and thanks to our interdisciplinary team, we can innovate and research to create new solutions made in the country that can be replicated anywhere on the planet.

What does air pollution cause?

“Air pollution is caused by a mixture of suspended solid particles and gaseous secondary products that can pose risks, damage, or discomfort to people, plants, and animals that are exposed to the air.

Emissions from vehicles, industrial processes, dust, mold spores, among others, are suspended in the air and in large concentrations can be toxic.

How does the polluted air affect me?

Inhaling polluted air can increase the likelihood of health problems. People with heart or lung diseases, older adults, and children are at higher risk of experiencing problems due to air pollution. These health issues can even lead to death.

How many people are affected by air pollution?

According to the WHO, ‘Air pollution causes 7 million premature deaths annually’. Additionally, the exponential increase of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses are responsible for Global Warming, a situation that every year deteriorates entire ecosystems and irreversibly alters the environmental stability of the planet. All people, regardless of their location, have been affected in some way by polluted air.